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LG Laundry Equipment

LG is a world leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art
laundry equipment. Discover the range of Commercial washers
you Had been waiting for a long time.

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Huebsch® Laundry Equipment

For your larger sizes laundry equipment
needs, We offer IPSO products. They will
meet the needs for your larger laundry

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Optimization of Laundromat

To increase your income, reduce
your expenses and maximize your
space Available, trust the real
Specialists from MAY-CAL!.

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MaycalPay, the best contactless payment technology for  laundries!


Go up a gear with MaycalPay! Unique technology that allows you to optimize the performance of your laundry room. Accept multiple contactless payment methods today. No change, no handling of money and a more secure environment for your customers.

The numerous management reports will allow you to maximize your income and easily manage your operations.

MaycalPay is simply the best contactless laundry payment system

Maycal offers you the best consulting service for the purchase of your commercial laundry equipment, service included!


Our service does not stop after the delivery of your equipment! For nearly 50 years, we have provided our loyal customers with the best service in the industry. We can advise you on the purchase of your equipment and sell you equipment with real commercial capabilities.

Throughout the life of your equipment, our experienced technicians will be able to ensure that they are operating correctly. Our service is the benchmark in the industry and guarantees you unparalleled continuity of operation!

MAY-CAL, a team of specialists in laundry equipment for 50 years. Trust real experts!

MAY-CAL offers a recognized expertise for the laundromats and OPL Laundry for 50 years! Whether it’s a new laundry project, optimizing an existing facility or simply replacing equipment parts, we will be happy to assist you.

We offer a full range of equipment’s for coin Laundry as well as a range of OPL washers and dryers from 15 to 125 pounds of capacity. We are leasing plan and financing according to your needs. More than 100 washers are available for immediate delivery!