Buying real commercial laundry equipment from specialized suppliers is a wise choice.

Real commercial washers and dryers

When you own a business, you want to ensure your investment in laundry equipment is sustainable. You want to buy genuine commercial washers and dryers. In addition, you want laundry equipment that is reliable and can withstand heavy use. For these reasons, buying commercial washers and dryers from retailers who specialize in this field is important.

Commercial washers and dryers, a separate construction

Unlike residential washers and dryers, commercial models are designed to withstand heavy, continuous use. Retailers specializing in commercial laundry equipment offer a full line of heavy-duty washers and dryers. In addition, they are more reliable and durable and can withstand the frequent use they receive.

MAY-CAL, your supplier of small commercial laundry equipment

MAY-CAL is specialized in commercial laundry equipment. We also offer high-quality maintenance and repair services. A service performed by qualified technicians guarantees the longevity and durability of your equipment. MAY-CAL’s maintenance teams are trained to repair and maintain your commercial washers and dryers. Our service allows you to minimize downtime and optimize the uptime of your equipment.

Beware of home washers and dryers with commercial names

On the other hand, you will find washers and dryers with the trade name sold by non-specialized retailers. They are not always designed for heavy use. This equipment may look sturdy, but it is not always able to withstand frequent use. On the one hand, this can lead to unnecessary breakdowns and downtime. On the other hand, non-specialized retailers may not have adequate maintenance and repair services.

Commercial washers and dryers offer a lower cost of ownership

Buying commercial washers and dryers from specialty retailers also has financial advantages. Sometimes the initial cost of commercial laundry equipment can seem higher. Commercial laundry equipment lasts longer and requires fewer repairs, which reduces costs in the long run. In addition, MAY-CAL offers financing packages better suited to commercial laundries.

MAY-CAL, a complete service for the selection of your commercial washers and dryers

Finally, purchasing commercial washers and dryers from MAY-CAL helps you improve the efficiency of your business. Our advice helps you reduce washing and drying times and improve the efficiency of your business. We always recommend the best choices for energy efficiency.


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