Case Study: Conversion of a Laundromat to a Cashless System in Laval

This case study discusses the conversion of a laundromat in Laval to a coinless system. Mr. Dubois, the owner of a residential building with 18 apartments in Laval, noticed that the on-site laundry facility was becoming a point of contention for residents. The coin-based system was outdated and burdensome. Additionally, the frequent maintenance of coin-operated machines was both costly and time-consuming. As a result, Mr. Dubois decided to transition to a coinless payment system.

The process of converting the coin-operated laundromat:

A specialized local company carried out the system conversion. Moreover, the Maycal Pay coinless system accepts payments through credit cards, debit cards, mobile apps, and prepaid cards. The residents warmly welcomed this change.

Results of the coinless laundry conversion:

Since converting his Laval laundry to a coinless system, Mr. Dubois has significantly reduced maintenance costs. Indeed, there are no longer machine blockages due to coins. Laundry-related complaints have dropped by 90%. Revenue management has become simpler. Moreover, transaction tracking is now automated, making accounting easier. In short, coin theft from the machines has also been eliminated, enhancing the security of the premises.

Owner’s Response to the Laundromat Conversion:

Mr. Dubois stated: Switching to a cashless system has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only have I saved on maintenance costs and simplified my accounting, but I’ve also enhanced the living experience for the residents. They greatly appreciate the convenience of the new system. It’s a win-win situation.

Conclusion of this cashless laundromat conversion:

This case study illustrates the significant benefits that converting to a cashless payment system can offer to residential building owners. The advantages for both the owner and the residents justify the initial investment.


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