Commercial Pay Washer: How to Make Them Profitable

Laveuse commerciales à monnaies

Commercial Pay Washer: How to Make Them Profitable In the competitive world of commercial laundromats, the profitability of your commercial pay washers is crucial. Maycal, a distributor specialized in laundry equipment, understands the importance of optimizing every aspect of your laundry business. Here are some key strategies to maximize the profits from your commercial pay […]

The LG Titan commercial washer and dryer are top-tier appliances for self-service laundries.

LG Titan Washer: Superior Performance and Large Capacity The LG Titan washer combines cutting-edge technology and vast capacity, standing out in the commercial washer market. Its optimized capacity easily handles bulky loads, including comforters and coats, perfectly meeting the needs of demanding customers. Its accelerated performance allows for faster laundry processing, increasing customer throughput. With […]

Case Study: Conversion of a Laundromat to a Cashless System in Laval

This case study discusses the conversion of a laundromat in Laval to a coinless system. Mr. Dubois, the owner of a residential building with 18 apartments in Laval, noticed that the on-site laundry facility was becoming a point of contention for residents. The coin-based system was outdated and burdensome. Additionally, the frequent maintenance of coin-operated […]

Convert your coin-operated laundry with a cashless system: six good reasons.

Switching to a coinless self-service laundry offers numerous benefits. This transition is a wise decision for many reasons. Convenience for customers Today, people carry less cash than ever. By offering a coinless laundry, you’re catering to this trend. Cashless payments can be made via credit card, debit card, mobile app, or prepaid card. This adds […]

May-CalPay, your solution to replace your cash payments in the laundries of rental buildings

May-CalPay, the cashless payment solution for laundromats Vous êtes un propriétaire immobilier qui offre un service de buanderie pour vos locataires ? May-CalPay, la solution de paiement sans monnaies pour les buanderies est pour vous. D’une part,  il est important de s’assurer que l’expérience de la buanderie est pratique est agréable pour vos locataires. D’autre […]

Buying real commercial laundry equipment from specialized suppliers is a wise choice.

Real commercial washers and dryers When you own a business, you want to ensure your investment in laundry equipment is sustainable. You want to buy genuine commercial washers and dryers. In addition, you want laundry equipment that is reliable and can withstand heavy use. For these reasons, buying commercial washers and dryers from retailers who […]

LG smart Laundry Lounge, a smart laundry offer for multi-unit and condo owners

The intelligent laundry room, a revolution! The new LG Smart Laundry Lounge offers remarkable benefits for laundry room users. It is quite simply a revolution in the field of smart laundry. This innovative solution allows users to enjoy all the features of a modern laundry room. In addition, it combines the efficiency and convenience offered […]

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