Commercial Maytag Washer

Commercial Maytag Washer

Maytag Commercial

This Maytag commercial washer offers deep wash and rinse cycles. The washer provides vigorous mechanical action for optimal washing performance. The PowerWash® cycle offers more agitation, hotter water, and an extra rinse for the most heavily soiled loads. The traditional flexible blade agitator alternates between four distinct wash patterns to generate exceptional clothing movement and deep cleaning action. The 3.27 cu. ft. capacity washer is card reader-ready* and features smart controls with M-Series technology that offer owners flexibility and individual cycle pricing options. And because Maytag knows what reliability means to your owners, we back this dependable machine with a 5-year limited parts warranty.*

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

Flexible Blade Agitator

Powered by a ½ HP PSC motor, the flexible blade agitator alternates between four distinct wash patterns – from aggressive to gentle – generating exceptional clothing movement and deep cleaning action to tackle a variety of loads.

5-Year Limited Warranty

The reliable washer is backed by a 5-year limited warranty on parts. *See for warranty details.

Easy Service

Designed to minimize downtime and streamline maintenance with easy accessibility from both the bottom and front panel to the transmission and other internal parts. In the event of a malfunction, the top-loading washer is easy to service. With just two screws, the console can be easily removed, providing access to the control panel, while an opening in the base allows quick access to the transmission, pump, and motor. Plus, easy-to-use built-in diagnostics help technicians identify the problem and quickly get the machine back to peak performance.

Robust Removable Front Panel

Strength matters in a commercial cabinet, but so does accessibility. Made of extra-tough galvanized steel, the sturdy front panel is strong and easy to remove for streamlined maintenance and a


3.19 cu. ft.

Width inches / mm

29 / 737

Depth inches / mm

27.5 / 699

Height inches / mm

49 / 1255

Weight Pounds / Kg

146 / 66.2

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