Huebsch Commercial Dryer

Huebsch Commercial Dryer

Huebsch Commercial

Huebsch® push-to-start dryers combine sturdy construction and reliable operation designed to withstand the test of time. They are made with fewer parts to reduce maintenance and wear costs.

The design maintains the perfect balance of heat, airflow, and tumbling action to deliver optimal performance. Our commercial dryers allow for significant energy savings. Their durability makes them the ideal equipment for heavy-duty use in tough commercial conditions.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Par le haut, Électrique, Gaz
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

The industry’s largest door opening, 2.06 sq. ft. (1914 sq. cm)

Silent and efficient ventilation system

The door is reversible for installation flexibility

High efficiency extraction fan with superior airflow of 220 cfm (105 liters/sec)

100% front serviceable

Narrow, space-saving cabinet at 26.875″ (683 mm)

Easy-to-clean and secure front lint filter

Durable galvanized steel cylinder


7.0 cubic feet

Width inches / mm

26.875 / 683

Depth inches / mm

28 / 711

Height inches / mm

43 / 1092

Weight Pounds / Kg

150 / 68

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