Huebsch commercial washer

Huebsch commercial washer

Huebsch Commercial

The Huebsch® Push-to-Start top load washer with two speeds combines sturdy construction with proven reliable operation to withstand the test of time. They are designed with fewer moving parts for a reason: you’ll encounter fewer maintenance and wear issues.

This commercial washer offers several advantages such as energy efficiency and sturdy construction designed for heavy-duty commercial use. Ideal washers for military, colleges, restaurants, beauty salons, and other commercial laundry activities.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Top Load, Electric
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

Durable stainless steel washing tank
710 rpm spin speed
Automatic balancing suspension provides the best industry imbalance management, completing washing cycles without interruption
The curved four-blade polypropylene agitator provides 210° of agitation stroke, offering superior performance
High-efficiency Eversmooth commercial transmission


3.19 cubic feet

Width inches / mm

25.625 / 651

Depth inches / mm

28 / 711

Height inches / mm

43 / 1092

Weight Pounds / Kg

206 / 93.4

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