Huebsch stacked appliances

Huebsch stacked appliances

Huebsch Commercial

Huebsch® stacked appliances are easy to install and offer all the innovative features of standard machines. The duo takes up half the floor space, adding flexibility to your laundry room design. More powerful than ever and equipped with revolutionary technology, the new front-loading washer is designed to deliver unmatched washing performance. On top, there is a commercial dryer that has been built with durability and tested to ensure optimal performance.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Stacked appliances, Electric, Gas
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

An updated suspension and new sensing technologies combine powerfully to redistribute loads and maintain cycle times, reducing energy costs and wait times.

Increased rotation speed exerts a high G-force to maximize moisture removal and reduce drying times, enabling customers to leave your store faster and ensuring their satisfaction.

Huebsch dryers offer a 7.0 cu. ft. cylinder with an 18 lb capacity providing ample space for large loads to tumble and produce fast drying times while reducing energy consumption.

A stacked washer/dryer gives your laundry room all the benefits of a stand-alone washer and dryer pair in a single machine. The stack uses all the same connections as a standard washer and dryer, so no special connections are required.

Our commercial stacked washer/dryer is made at our headquarters in Ripon, WI. The entire machine is covered by Huebsch’s standard one-year warranty. Additionally, Huebsch has more field service representatives than most brands have in their entire organization.

Parts only, labor not included. See Huebsch warranty certificate for details.

Washer/Dryer Capacity
3.42 cu. ft. / 7.0 cu. ft.
Width inches / mm
26.875 / 683
Depth inches / mm
27.73 / 704
Height inches / mm
78.5 / 1994
Weight pounds / kg
350 / 159

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