LG Giant. commercial front-load dryer.

LG Giant. commercial front-load dryer.

LG Commercial

The LG Giant commercial dryer is a high-quality appliance designed to meet the needs of businesses and laundromats. Its large drying capacity allows it to dry large amounts of laundry quickly and efficiently.

The LG Giant has a powerful motor and advanced heating system, allowing for fast and even drying performance. It also features a moisture control system that ensures perfectly balanced drying for all types of fabrics.

The dryer is easy to use thanks to its intuitive control panel, which allows for easy temperature and drying time adjustment. It is also equipped with many convenient features, such as automatic drying sensors that adjust the drying time based on the load and humidity.

In terms of durability, the LG Giant is built to last. It is made with high-quality materials and an extended warranty to provide long-term peace of mind.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric, Gas
Payment type: Monnaies, Compatible MacalPay

Flexible Installation: LG commercial dryers and washers can be stacked to fit your space.

Reversible Door: The dryer door can be easily adapted to open left or right depending on your store layout or personal preferences.

Sensor Dry: The drying electrode sensor automatically monitors the moisture of the clothes and adjusts the total drying time for excellent results every time.

Easy Front Repair: The dryer is designed to be easily repairable with a system that can be fixed from the front.

In summary, the LG Giant dryer offers flexible installation, a reversible door, sensor drying, and easy repair.


7.3 cu. ft.

Dryer (WxHxD)

Inches 27 x 38.7 x 30.1 – mm 686 x 983 x 764

Door Open

in / (mm) 49.8 (1,264)

Carton (WxHxD)

Inches 29.9 x 46.1 x 31.3 – mm 760 x 1,170 x 795

Weight (dryer / carton)

lb (kg) 130 (59) / 143 (65)

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