LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer

LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer

LG Commercial

The LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer is an exceptional washing machine designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With its unique features, this machine offers superior washing performance, exceptional durability, and ease of use that enable businesses to process large quantities of laundry quickly and efficiently.

The LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer has a large washing capacity, allowing businesses to wash large quantities of laundry in a single load. It can accommodate up to 15 kg of laundry, which is particularly advantageous for businesses that need to process large quantities of laundry regularly.

In addition, the LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer is equipped with an intelligent washing system that uses a combination of powerful water jets and gentle washing action to clean laundry thoroughly. This system ensures even distribution of water and detergent, allowing for quick and efficient washing of all items in the washer drum.
The LG Giant Commercial Front-Load Washer is also designed to be durable and reliable. It is made with high-quality materials that ensure a long lifespan. Additionally, it is equipped with an easy cleaning system that helps maintain the washer clean and in good working condition.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

Exceptional Durability and Reliability
The Inverter Direct Drive™ drum of LG Commercial washing machines is directly attached to the motor, making them durable and reliable for years. With a limited number of parts, these machines also require fewer repairs.

Less Replacement and Repair Costs
Multiple heat treatment enhances durability and resists gradual abrasion. LG washers have a prolonged lifespan and require fewer repairs, allowing your business to save costs.

Resistance to Contamination and Rust
Premium powder coating offers the same durability as car paint, which doesn’t rust easily and extends the product’s lifespan. The coating also helps resist scratches and contamination in common washing machines.

Achievement through Savings
Reduce energy and water consumption while increasing efficiency. According to Energy Star standards, LG Commercial washing machines save more energy and water than other products in their category.

Low Noise and Vibration
The noise and vibrations emitted by LG commercial washers are low enough to allow people to focus on other tasks while waiting. Create a pleasant environment that can meet the needs of various customers.


3.7 cubic feet

Washer (WxHxD)

Inches – 27 x 38.7 x 30.2 – cm 70 x 98.3 x 77

Door Open

Inches / (mm) 52.6 (139.6)

Cabinet (WxHxD)

Inches 29.5 x 41.9 x 31.4 – mm 750 x 1,065 x 797

Weight (washer / with packaging)

lb (kg) 191.8 (87) / 209 (94.8)

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