LG Titan front-loading commercial dryer

LG Titan front-loading commercial dryer

LG Commercial

The LG Titan commercial front-load dryer is an essential piece of equipment for businesses that need to dry large quantities of laundry efficiently. This dryer has unique features make it superior to many other commercial dryers.

The LG Titan commercial front load dryer is designed with a large drying capacity. It can hold up to 35 pounds of laundry, allowing businesses to process large amounts of laundry in a single load quickly. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that need to process large quantities of laundry regularly, making it the perfect dryer for hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, and healthcare facilities.

The LG Titan commercial front-load dryer is also equipped with an intelligent drying system. The system uses a combination of heat and air to quickly and efficiently dry the laundry. This drying system ensures even heat distribution, allowing for quick and uniform drying of all items in the dryer drum. This results in reduced operating costs for the business, as drying time is reduced and laundry is processed more efficiently.

The LG Titan commercial front load dryer is also designed to be durable and reliable. It is made with high-quality materials that ensure a long lifespan. Additionally, it is equipped with an easy cleaning system that allows the dryer to be kept clean and in good working condition.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric, Gas
Payment type: Compatible MacalPay

Door Easily Adaptable to Your Needs

Depending on the configuration of your store or personal preferences, you can optimize space by easily changing the orientation of the door to open left or right.

Automatic Sensor for Perfect Drying

The Sensor Dry electrode sensor automatically monitors garment moisture and adjusts the total drying time for excellent results every time.

Easy Front Repair

Easy and hassle-free repairs
Problems with your dryer? It’s easy to fix with a system that can be fixed from the front.


9 cubic feet


(LxHxW) – Inches 29 x 40.2 x 42.9 – mm 737 x 1,022 x 1,090

Door Open

in. (mm) 65.1 (1,655)

Box (LxHxW)

Single: 30.7 x 44.7 x 44.4 – mm 781 x 1,137 x 1,128


30.7 x 83.1 x 44.4 – mm 781 x 2,110 x 1,128

Weight / with box

lb (kg) 220 (100) / 240 (108.8)

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