Maytag commercial front-loading coin operated washer

Maytag commercial front-loading coin operated washer

Maytag Commercial

The Maytag commercial front load coin-operated washer, a reliable and high-capacity washer

Reliability is guaranteed with a front-loading washer with a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet powered by our DuraCore drive system, designed and tested to perform 15,000 cycles.* The advanced spin technology ensures consistent cycle times, while the TurboWash™ system ensures optimal cleaning. With this ENERGY STAR® certified model, you don’t have to sacrifice performance.

The intelligent controls with M-Series technology help you manage everything by offering individual cycle pricing options and allowing end users to easily choose their preferred washing experience with one-touch cycle selection. Additionally, the screen clearly displays prices, selections, and remaining time. Because we know how reliable it is, it comes with a 7/5-year limited parts warranty.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric
Payment type: Monnaies, Compatible MacalPay

DuraCore Drive System
Our DuraCore Drive System is designed and tested to perform 15,000 cycles*, giving it proven reliability on one of the toughest and most expensive components to maintain. A triple-lip seal that is both watertight and flexible with a garter spring helps keep moisture away from the shaft, protecting the high-quality bearings, while our durable shaft sleeve is designed to reduce shaft wear. With a pressure-molded trunnion, these rugged features can translate into more rotations during the washer’s lifetime and more options to improve a facility’s financial results. *Based on an 11-pound load, timed cycle of 34 minutes.

Advanced Spin Technology
Advanced Spin Technology allows for more consistent cycles* and provides automatic load balancing with a six-point suspension system that includes four dampers and two springs to offer optimal stability to the entire wash unit. *Compared to previous model, MHN30, based on a 17-pound load.

This washer uses an average of only 10.71 gallons of water per cycle, offering optimal cleaning without sacrificing performance.

7/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty
This reliable washer comes with a 7/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty**See for warranty details.

TurboWash™ System
Water is lifted from the base of the tub through the deflector holes, then sprayed through the load during agitation.

PowerWash Cycle
The PowerWash® Cycle provides extra cleaning power with more agitation time, hotter water, and additional rinses.

Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology

Intelligent controls with M-Series technology offer flexibility and individual cycle pricing options for optimal gains, while end users can easily choose their preferred washing experience through one-touch cycle selection. Additionally, the display clearly shows prices, selections, and time remaining. Built-in diagnostics streamline service calls.

Front-Access Panel
The front-access panel minimizes downtime by allowing quick access to the motor, transmission, and wash tub for streamlined self-service.


3.1 cu ft

Width inches / mm

27 / 686

Depth inches / mm

28.81 / 732

Height inches / mm

37.81 / 981

Weight Pounds / Kg


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