Whirlpool commercial coin-operated washer

Whirlpool commercial coin-operated washer

Whirlpool Commercial

The Whirlpool coin-operated top-load commercial washer is designed to meet the needs of professionals, with a powerful 1/2 HP motor, a traditional agitator with fins, and a 3.27 cubic feet capacity. It is easy to use with simple and intuitive controls, and it is sturdy and durable for daily use in a professional environment. This Whirlpool commercial coin-operated washer comes with a 90-day labor warranty and a two-year parts warranty, providing maximum peace of mind. Choose the professional quality of this Whirlpool coin-operated commercial washer for your professional washing needs.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Top Load, Electric
Payment type: Monnaies, Compatible MacalPay
  • 1/2 HP motor: The 1/2 HP motor alternates between short and long strokes, providing quality cleaning performance for all load sizes.
  • Thick-gauge galvanized steel front panel: The front panel is made of thick-gauge galvanized steel for durable protection. It is easy to remove for simplified service.
  • Quick-access steel base: The thick and robust steel base is designed with an opening, allowing for quick access to the motor and other internal components to simplify service.
  • Triple-lip seal with Garter spring: The flexible and waterproof triple-lip seal with Garter spring protects the shaft and bearings from moisture.
  • Superior quality bearings: The sealed and superior quality bearings improve the longevity of the machine. They reduce friction, allowing the machine to operate smoothly.
  • Commercial-grade side panels: The industrial-grade side panels are constructed of galvanized steel.
  • Completely wrap-around console: The wrap-around metal console is easy to clean and protects internal components from liquid spills.
  • Premium porcelain enamel lid and top: The premium porcelain enamel lid and top have a superior finish.
    • Capacity

3.27 cubic feet

    • Depth

26.0 inches

    • Height

44.5 inches

    • Net weight

162 pounds

    • Height and depth of washer door opening

17.0 inches in height
27.0 inches in width

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