Whirlpool commercial front-load coin-operated washer

Whirlpool commercial front-load coin-operated washer

Whirlpool Commercial

Whirlpool 27-inch commercial front-load coin-operated washer is Energy Star qualified and high efficiency.

Give your customers the exceptional performance they deserve with our commercial front-load washer. This machine’s reliable and consistent drive system provides optimal cleaning load after load. Additionally, our automatic balancing ensures regular cycle times for even more efficient washing. Your customers will be delighted as their laundry will be much easier.

Whirlpool offers 90-day limited labor and a 2-year parts-only warranty. So, you can be confident that you are making the right choice by choosing this commercial front-load washer.

Additional information:

Equipment type: Front Load, Electric
Payment type: Monnaies, Compatible MacalPay

Commercial-grade construction
Built with heavy-duty galvanized steel, this cabinet is designed to withstand the traffic of a commercial laundry room.

Optional pedestals sold separately
4″ Pedestal (WHP0400VW) or 10″ Pedestal (WHP1000VW)

Coin-drop and coin-box factory installed
A robust coin-drop and coin-box are factory installed. The coin-drop allows for flexibility in pricing your machines for your market.

90-day limited labor/2-year parts-only warranty
This quality washer is backed by a 90-day limited labor warranty and a 2-year parts-only warranty.

Durable hinge
This door hinge is designed to maintain its integrity and aesthetics.

Super Cycle
Super Cycle offers an additional three minutes of wash time or an extra rinse for an additional cost to the user, increasing revenue opportunities.

Front access panel
The front access panel allows quick access to the motor, transmission, and wash tub for simplified self-service.

Premium bearings
Oversized, premium NSK bearings are sealed for added protection.

Large-capacity wash basket
The 3.1 cu. ft. wash basket is designed to accommodate loads of all sizes while providing exceptional cleaning.

Microprocessor controls
The controls offer owners the ability to customize pricing and wash cycle options, such as Super Cycle, ensuring optimal revenue opportunities. The controls also offer customers the ability to select the ideal cycle for individual washing needs.

Automatic balancing system
A six-point suspension system with four dampers and two springs provides consistent cycle times and optimal unbalanced performance.

High-efficiency design
Helps reduce energy and water costs.


3-1/10 cubic feet


28-13/16 inches


37-13/16 inches

Net weight

245 pounds


27.0 inches

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