Financing and leasing

financing and leasing

May-Cal Jarmicos, adapted financing and rental solutions

May-Cal Jarmicos offers, through various banks, financing and leasing services for laundry equipment. We know that the purchase of laundry equipment can represent a significant investment for your business. Therefore, we offer financing and leasing solutions to help you acquire your equipment. We work with several financing partners to provide you with competitive rates and flexible payment terms depending on the market.

We evaluate your project so that you have an accurate estimate of the investment required for your project. This way, if it is a retrofit project, we will be able to evaluate the potential savings. It is always easier to present a profitable investment to financial institutions.

Our unique laundry technologies can, in many cases, demonstrate a good return.

Whether it’s a new project, a retrofit, or a single-machine acquisition, our team is there for you.


May-Cal Jarmicos, the real specialists in smart laundry

Over 55 years of experience

For over 55 years, we have been helping our customers choose the best laundry equipment available on the market.

Installation and service

Our qualified technicians are specially trained to install and maintain your equipment in optimal working condition.

Complete consulting service

Attentive to your needs, we are able to properly plan your laundry room project.

Eco-responsible equipment

We favour the most efficient laundry equipment to help reduce your environmental footprint

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