LG offers high quality
commercial dryers
A robust construction paired with
high performance and technology
places the LG dryers in a class apart.
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LG Commercial Dryers offer you Optimal performance!

Optimization of gas / air flow

Conventional dryers control the flow of air and gas by turning the dryer on and off. Instead, commercial LG dryers allocate the appropriate amount of gas and air in several sections to control air flow. This technology greatly increases energy efficiency and saving.

Exceptional drying power

LG Commercial Dryers feature a rugged and oversized ventilation system to reduce drying times and energy consumption

Robust motor

LG commercial dryers offer a robust and efficient motor to deliver better airflow. LG Commercial Dryers will provide you with better drying action and greater load capacity based on dry weight.

Easy-access lint filter

Access to the filter on the LG dryer is well thought out. The lint filter is easy to access and allows easy cleaning. Regular maintenance of the filter ensures optimum performance during each drying cycle.