The LG Giant Washer boast
performances that leave the
competition behind, far behind.
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LG Giant commercial washer, unmatched performance!

LG Giant 25 lbs commercial washer, a real commercial washer!

Maycal offers you a real line of commercial laundry equipment. We have been a leader in this sector for almost 50 years! Unlike some suppliers who offer you home equipment with commercial capabilities, we offer you real washers designed for heavy-duty use.

The most popular LG Giant commercial washer on the market is at the top of the LG Pro line, a “high volume” machine for commercial use and self-service laundry. This washer is certified for use in professional environments and tested for 15,000 cycles or more, it is efficient, robust and easy to use.

Direct Drive ™  System

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the drum of the commercial LG washer is directly attached to the motor. It offers superior durability and reliability since the Direct Drive ™ system is paired with a brushless motor. Fewer parts, less repair! In addition, the drive system of the LG washers is quieter and reduces vibration. Features that will be greatly appreciated from the neighborhood!

Transmission shaft treatment

To ensure superior performance and reliability, LG pays close attention to details. The transmission shaft treatments from the LG commercial washers is a good example. A process of several years of research makes it possible to prevent progressive wear of the drive system. Protected components provide reduced maintenance costs and improved long-term performance.

Jet rinse

The LG spray nozzle sprays fresh water on the clothes and door. This rinsing technology ensures quick filling and allows clothes to be soaked faster. Spray rinsing ensures optimum mechanical action and reduces premature wearing of clothing due to slow filling. In addition, the system detects too much detergent during the washing cycle and remedies it. The jets also clean the glass of the washer door each time the water sprays them, thus reducing the maintenance of the equipment.

10 degrees drum tilt

The inclination of the commercial LG washer drum reduces the use of water while maintaining optimal mechanical action. Even with small loads, the inclination of the drum makes  possible to obtain superior washing results. The position of the tank is optimal in order to deliver energy saving and superior washing quality. Another technological breakthrough signed by LG.

Sliding system for maintenance

LG washers are specially designed for optimal performance. The washer-dryer duo, when stacked, offers innovative access allowing access to the main components without having to remove the unit from the top. LG likes to simplify your life. Easier access means lower maintenance costs for your equipment!