LG smart Laundry Lounge, a smart laundry offer for multi-unit and condo owners

The intelligent laundry room, a revolution!

The new LG Smart Laundry Lounge offers remarkable benefits for laundry room users. It is quite simply a revolution in the field of smart laundry. This innovative solution allows users to enjoy all the features of a modern laundry room. In addition, it combines the efficiency and convenience offered by smart technologies. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the new LG Smart Laundry Lounge.

An optimal experience for your users

LG Smart Laundry Lounge offers a more user-friendly laundry experience. Users can use their smartphone to access laundry functions. In particular, they can:

Start and stop washing and drying machines;

Consulter le temps restant pour le cycle de lavage ;

Recevoir une notification lorsque le cycle est terminé.

These features are especially useful for users with busy schedules. Lg Lounge allows them to work on other tasks while their clothes are in the laundry.

Thanks to the intelligent laundry system, be advised of the best time to do your laundry

LG’s SmartThinQ feature allows users to monitor the status of the laundry room in real time. This means you can check the occupancy of the wash and dry machines before you go in. This feature translates into less time waiting to use the machines. This feature is especially useful for large laundries where the machines are often busy.

Cashless payment for your laundry equipment

The LG Smart Laundry Lounge also offers a convenient payment solution for users. Users can pay for their laundry use directly from their smartphones. This eliminates the need to carry cash or search for machine tokens. This feature is incredibly convenient for apartment tenants who don’t always have money available.

Important energy savings for your building

Another important benefit of the LG Smart Laundry Lounge is the efficient use of energy. First, LG washers and dryers are designed to be energy efficient. They use less water and electricity than traditional machines. In addition, LG’s TurboWash technology washes clothes faster. This cycle reduces wash time and saves energy.

A more ecological system

Finally, the LG Smart Laundry Lounge is also designed to be more environmentally friendly. LG washers and dryers have a lint filter that captures clothing fibers. This reduces the environmental impact of the washers and dryers while protecting the water pipes.

LG Smart Laundry Lounge offers many benefits to laundry room users. LG Smart Laundry Lounge an ideal solution for modern laundry room users.


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