May-CalPay, your solution to replace your cash payments in the laundries of rental buildings

May-CalPay, the cashless payment solution for laundromats

Vous êtes un propriétaire immobilier qui offre un service de buanderie pour vos locataires ? May-CalPay, la solution de paiement sans monnaies pour les buanderies est pour vous. D’une part,  il est important de s’assurer que l’expérience de la buanderie est pratique est agréable pour vos locataires. D’autre part, le service doit être rentable pour vous. La gestion des systèmes de paiement dans une buanderie peut être fastidieuse pour les propriétaires immobiliers, surtout si les paiements se font en argent comptant. C’est pourquoi May-Cal propose un nouveau système de paiement électronique appelé May-CalPay. Il remplace le système de paiement à monnaie. Explorons les avantages que peut offrir le remplacement du système de paiement de la buanderie par le système May-CalPay.

With May-CalPay, there is no more handling of money for the property manager.

The May-CalPay system offers direct deposits for payments made by tenants. This eliminates the need for the landlord to collect cash in the laundry room. This simplification of administrative tasks translates into reduced operating costs. You will also have a reduction in the risks associated with managing large amounts of cash. This shift is significant as banks are becoming less willing to accept cash at the counter.

Improving the laundry customer experience for tenants

The May-CalPay system offers increased payment flexibility for renters. They allow them to pay by credit card, May-CalPay cards, or phone and smartwatches. Tenants no longer need to get change or tokens to use the washers and dryers. The laundry room user experience is much more pleasant. You no longer lose sales because the tenant doesn’t have change.

Safer environment in the laundry room

Le système May-CalPay réduit également les risques associés à la manipulation de grandes quantités d’argent comptant dans la buanderie.  May-CalPay élimine le risque de vol ou de vandalisme. Les locataires n’ont plus besoin de transporter de l’argent comptant pour payer pour l’utilisation des machines. Cela réduit également le risque de vol ou de perte de leur argent.

Complete report for the owner

The May-CalPay system also allows property owners to obtain a comprehensive report on laundry room usage. The report can include information such as:

The number of wash and dry cycles performed,

The time of use of each machine

The total sales amount for each machine

This information helps you optimize laundry management and improve the tenant experience.

There are many advantages to using a coinless system for your laundry room

Replacing the laundry room’s washer and dryer payment system with the May-CalPay system offers many benefits. Landlords can benefit from reduced operating costs and a safer environment. Tenants benefit from an enhanced customer experience.