MaycalPay , a revolution for Laundromat’s management !

The most comprehensive solution on the market for effectively converting your coin-operated laundry equipment into cashless equipment !

Cashless Payment

Start accepting credit cards, debit cards, smartphones and smartwatches payments. MaycalPay requires no change and eases price adjustments !

Full management reports

Manage the profitability and performance of your Laundry from the comfort of your office. You will have real-time access to the performance of your equipment.

Eradicate vandalism

Cashless payment will prevent vandalism which can be a major issue for coin-operated laundry owners: it results in loss, repair costs as well as equipment downtime.

Automatic deposit

Never have to travel again for the monetary management of your Laundromat. Your money will be deposited automatically into your bank account

The contactless payment device that supports multiple equipment

Our technology allows you to centralize payments from a central unit for several equipment to reduce implementation costs

An unrivalled management system for your Laundromat

Tired of fetching change from your commercial washers and dryers? Do you have a third party running your laundromat that prevents you from getting access to your sales reports? Have you been vandalized and are looking for a new secure system? Why not transit into the era of cashless payments?

No matter the size of your laundry operations, the MaycalPay system allows you to easily manage payments. Your money will be directly, and safely, deposited into your bank account. Our payment solution provides you with a more secure environment for your users by reducing vandalism related to coin-operated Laundromats.

You will be able to maximize your income as your users will never again run out of change to complete their laundry duty.

Start offering payment flexibility to your users today with MaycalPay !

Lowest financial fees per microtransaction in the industry

The MaycalPay system includes a personalized platform that gives you access to the income generated by your laundry machines. The income generated will be directly deposited into your bank account. You will have access to sales reports for tax purposes, automatic defect alerts and more.