Why May-CalPay

A revolution

MaycalPay, the best solution for cashless payments for laundries

MaycalPay is an innovative cashless payment solution for laundries. It offers a superior user experience. With MaycalPay, customers can use their cellphones to pay and activate washers and dryers. In addition, the interface eliminates the need to use coins. This convenient payment system is fast and easy to use. It offers more security to customers and avoids vandalism related to coin collectors.

Laundromat owners also benefit from the many advantages of MaycalPay. The system offers simplified revenue management and easy access to data. Overall, MaycalPay is the best choice for laundromats looking to modernize their payment system.

Our credit card reading system for laundries increases sales and improves user satisfaction

Improve your laundry room user experience and increase the productivity and profitability of your washers and dryers. You greatly simplify laundry room management by offering MaycalPay, a point-of-sale system designed for laundries.

Introducing cashless payments can change the way a consumer views your laundry service. Give customers a pleasant experience where they don’t have to search for coins to pay with MaycalPay.

Many advantages

MaycalPay, the best solution

Availability of equipment

Using MaycalPay, you won't have to worry about stuck coins or damaged coin collectors. Situations that make washers and dryers unusable. Plus, you'll receive an alert when a breakdown occurs.

Reduce management time

Managing a coin laundry is time-consuming. With MaycalPay, you won't spend time handling money. You get your income in a few clicks. You won't have to go to the bank regularly.

Increase your income

With the MaycalPay system, you can set the prices you want. You no longer have to worry about setting prices based on coin multiples. Plus, your users won't limit usage because they run out of coins.

More user-friendly, more sales

MaycalPay allows you to offer a large number of payment methods without currencies. Thus you give your users more opportunities to use your laundry service. The more possibilities you offer, the easier it becomes to use your service.

Adapt to your operations

MaycalPay is adaptable to all types of equipment. The system can be installed on a single washer or dryer, to service a pair of stacked equipment or used as a central payment station. MaycalPay can be installed on existing equipment.

Loyalty Program

You can create loyalty programs to keep your users coming back. In addition, the system allows you to create variable pricing for certain more profitable or less busy periods.

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