Maytag commercial washers


Maytag commercial washers

Maytag Commercial Washers – May-Cal Jarmicos, a leader in distributing Maytag commercial washers, showcases a meticulously selected range of models suitable for professional settings. May-Cal Jarmicos is renowned for offering excellent value in the Maytag commercial washer category, thus providing a strategic and profitable investment for businesses.

Technical Support for Maytag Commercial Washers

May-Cal Jarmicos’ expertise extends beyond merely selling commercial washers. They provide comprehensive after-sales service, with a team of technicians specialized in Maytag commercial washers, ready to offer relevant advice. This service assists customers in selecting the most appropriate machines for their specific needs. May-Cal Jarmicos’ quality support is synonymous with reliability and excellence in commercial equipment selection.

Expert Advice on Maytag Commercial Washers

May-Cal Jarmicos emphasizes the importance of reliable and efficient commercial equipment. They are committed to supplying high-quality Maytag commercial washers, known for their durability and effectiveness. By choosing May-Cal Jarmicos, you gain access to top-tier customer service, specialist expertise, and exceptional value. For leading commercial laundry solutions, May-Cal Jarmicos is the ideal choice.

Our equipments

Some of our equipments

Washer coin
capacity 22 lbs

Dryer coin
capacity 22 lbs

Washer coin
capacity 35 lbs


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For over 55 years, we have been helping our customers choose the best laundry equipment available on the market.

Installation and service

Our qualified technicians are specially trained to install and maintain your equipment in optimal working condition.

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Attentive to your needs, we are able to properly plan your laundry room project.

Eco-responsible equipment

We favour the most efficient laundry equipment to help reduce your environmental footprint

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