Commercial washers and dryers for laundromats

If you own a laundry, you know how important it is to have reliable equipment. That’s where May-Cal comes in. Our company offers commercial washers and dryers designed for heavy-duty use. We have selected a range of equipment designed to withstand the rigorous demands of laundry.

Whether you own a small laundry or a large chain, our products are designed to meet your needs. We offer a variety of models to meet all budgets and requirements. Our machines are also equipped with advanced features and user-friendly controls. Our commercial washers and dryers provide an easy and enjoyable laundry experience. Some models offer superior energy efficiency to save on energy costs.

Cashless payment for commercial washers and dryers

A cashless payment system for commercial washers and dryers can offer many benefits to laundry owners. It improves the customer experience by providing greater payment flexibility. In addition, this system eliminates the need for time-consuming coin collection.

More secure
More efficient
More flexible
More cost-effective
Less maintenance on payment mechanisms

A cashless payment system can be more straightforward for laundromat owners to manage. Transactions can be tracked electronically, which helps to understand customer usage patterns.

Payment with coins for commercial washers and dryers

You have commercial coin-operated washers and dryers and you don’t want to use electronic payment, no problem. We have a range of equipment that can meet your needs. Offering the same features as the coinless models, this line of equipment will provide you with excellent performance and the reliability you are looking for. Our coin collectors are robust and designed to be durable.

Superior after-sales service

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality laundry equipment at competitive prices. We are also committed to delivering superior after-sales service to ensure our customers get the most out of their laundry equipment.

Whether looking for a commercial washer or a high-performance dryer, May-Cal has the right solution for your facility.

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