May-Cal Jarmicos, your trusted commercial washer and dryer repairer

For nearly 55 years, May-Cal Jarmicos has been your trusted repairman for commercial washers and dryers. Our technicians are at your service for the maintenance and repair of your equipment. We have most parts in stock. May-Cal Jarmicos specializes in the care of equipment for laundries, commercial laundries, and coin-operated washers and dryers in rental buildings.

May-Cal Jarmicos , your trusted commercial washer and dryer repairer

When it comes to replacing parts on your laundry equipment, May-Cal Jarmicos offers original parts at competitive prices. We know your equipment needs to be put back in working order quickly, so we have a vast inventory of parts. Consequently, our technicians can get your equipment back in working order quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you need service for your commercial washers and dryers.


May-Cal Jarmicos, the real specialists in smart laundry

Over 55 years of experience

For over 55 years, we have been helping our customers choose the best laundry equipment available on the market.

Installation and service

Our qualified technicians are specially trained to install and maintain your equipment in optimal working condition.

Complete consulting service

Attentive to your needs, we are able to properly plan your laundry room project.

Eco-responsible equipment

We favour the most efficient laundry equipment to help reduce your environmental footprint

Nous somme les vrais spécialiste d’équipement de buanderie payante et petits équipement commerciaux.

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