The LG Titan commercial washer and dryer are top-tier appliances for self-service laundries.

LG Titan Washer: Superior Performance and Large Capacity The LG Titan washer combines cutting-edge technology and vast capacity, standing out in the commercial washer market. Its optimized capacity easily handles bulky loads, including comforters and coats, perfectly meeting the needs of demanding customers.

Its accelerated performance allows for faster laundry processing, increasing customer throughput. With eco-efficient water and energy consumption, it ensures lasting savings for laundry owners.

Designed for maximum longevity, the LG Titan is ideal for self-service laundry environments. Offering solutions for washing bulky items it can be a source of additional revenue. Customers actively seek out and are willing to pay more for these unique services, providing the opportunity to attract a broader clientele.

In summary, choosing the LG Titan washer and dryer is a winning strategy for modern laundries, promising enhanced performance and increased benefits.

  1. Convert your self-service laundry with a coinless system.
  2. Convert your laundry with a coinless system.
  3. Convert your laundry.
  4. Convert your self-service laundry with a coinless system using our MaycalPay system; enhance your customer experience.

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